Radiohead Set to Release “King of Limbs” !!!

Finally New Radiohead!

Radiohead have given their fans a great Vaelntine’s Day gift. The British rockers announced this morning (Feb. 14) that their eighth full-length record, “The King of Limbs,” will be made digitally available of Feb. 19, with a physical release to follow on May 9.


Radiohead has moved away from the “pay what you want” model that they used for their 2007 album “In Rainbows,” but they retain some of that campaign’s innovative marketing tactics. The album will be packaged as a high-end collectable item for fans and the quickly distributed digital release will help to combat unofficial leaks. An extravagantly packaged version of the record will be issued, including two clear 10″ vinyl albums, a CD, special artwork and more. A digital-only presale version of the album will also be made available.


“The King of Limbs,” mysteriously described by the band as the world’s first “newspaper album,” will be released by TBD Records in North America, XL in the UK, and Hostess Entertainment in Asia. Pre-orders for the album are being accepted at

via Billboard


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