Fame Reality Check – Katy Perry & Retouching Reality

So here is a newsflash. Katy Perry is not perfect. I’m sorry for those of you that thought she was. A pre photo shopped photograph of her Rolling Stone cover shoot apparently leaked, and a comparison .gif has taken the internet by storm.

Breasts enhanced, skin made silky smooth. Moles removed, stomach taut. They transform her, like every other cover model, into a vision of an immaculate creation. Do you know why you have never seen anyone in person ever looking like this before?  Because it Does Not Exist.

But now you are famous, and you are on magazine covers, computer digitized to perfection. Now, every time you go into public, someone is snapping photographs of you in the cereal aisle at Whole Foods, and whispering as you go by how much better you looked in Cosmo. And this happens everywhere you go, being compared to these artificially crafted images.

Perry’s husband recently decided to play a prank on his new wife, and post a candid morning picture on his Twitter page. The photo got around the world wide web in record time, and we got a peek at Perry in her waking glory. As quickly as it made its way around, Brand took the photo down. Surely at the behest of of the Powers that Be, managing Perry’s brand. I guess it wasn’t so funny after all.

Hubby Russel Brand shows the world why Fame Sucks.

Having a couple of people see a bad picture of you can always be embarrassing. Now try having a few Million people commenting on how wretched you are. That’s no party. But you should all learn a lesson from this. Do not be envious of these images we see of these celebrities. When they wake up in the morning, they look just like you and me.  And go forth, appreciating these creations as a Fairytale Artform. Fame Sucks, but these photos of Katy Perry do not. Enjoy…they are free.

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