Fame Reality Check – Uma Thurman and Her Creepy Stalker

Fame Reality Check – Number 3,415 why Fame Sucks…Stalkers.

Imagine this. You are heading out to your car after work in the company parking lot, and some Creepster that you do not know from a hole in the wall, is standing there waiting for you with a bouquet of roses. He calls your home and professes his love, or threatens anyone that stands in the way of you being joined with him. He steals your panties from the laundromat and makes a hat out of them, and photographs you through the crack in your tanning bed for his candlelit shrine. Your garden variety stalker.

Now, I know you do not need to be famous to have a stalker. Plenty of fabulous people have been stalked. But your chances of having a stalker if you are famous are exponentially higher. Almost all the most famous people have some level of stalker.

Poor Uma Thurman has been dealing with hers for years. Jack Jordan, who has just been arrested for violating his 5 year probation, seemingly cannot be deterred from his obsession. Uma went through a grueling court case, that did not land Jordan in jail, and now he is back for more, calling her twice this week.

For all her Fame and the success that comes along with it, Uma is hiding in a dark room somewhere with body guards standing outside. Doesn’t that sound Awesome!

Photos of the Creepster below, and some Uma to help you wash this all down. Fame Sucks.

Picture Me Staring in Your Bedroom Window at Night...Isn't Fame Great!!


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