Fame Reality Check – Love Can’t Conquer all for Scarlett and Ryan

Fame Reality Check- Once upon a time, there was a beautiful movie star, who married a handsome prince of a movie star. They were beauty personified, and the world was their oyster. Uber Successful careers, traveling the world, on the cover of magazines (Sexiest Man Alive). There was seemingly no end to their good fortune. Update. It’s over. Divorce. “We entered our relationship with love and it’s with love and kindness we leave it.” is the statement released.
Don’t you people see it. Their suffering is for you to learn from. FAME SUCKS. So what got in the way, we can only speculate. Their conflicting schedules, their respective superstardom (and hoards of fans), the paparazzi…what can it be. Answer me this. If Ryan and Scarlett were just your average citizens, and not international stars, would this have worked out. If Ryan was a sanitation worker, and Scarlett a a hairdresser in Suburbia, would their loved have failed them. I can tell you this, their chances would be a lot better. Imagine this…they see each other a few days a month. They work with other talented and beautiful people, and they can basically have anything in the world that they want, accept for each others time and attention due to the circumstances of their success. Are you better off being famous and not being able to work out your marriage to Scarlett Johansson (or Ryan Reynolds for that matter).

I can promise you this. Right now, Scarlett and or Ryan are somewhere in the world, and they are unhappy. Even if one or both wanted this divorce, they are unhappy with the media attention, the speculation and the loss of what they once believed was enough to influence them into getting married only two years ago. Their success brought them together, and then forced them apart. Now this will all play out in the public arena, and they will have photographers chasing them twice as hard for months to come. Thank god for the life you have, because FAME SUCKS.

I hope the photos below make you feel better about it all. They helped me.

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